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NutriKane D is a natural product that has helped change the lives of countless people around the world. From lowering blood sugar levels to losing weight, people use NutriKane D for many different reasons, and have great successes. We are often asked “what is the one thing that makes NutriKane D special?” We cannot answer that. The basic premise of directed nutrition is that there isn’t one ‘special feature,’ rather many factors combine to give a large overall benefit (unlike simple supplements that even if they work have only a small benefit in one area). However, here are a few of the key features to help consumers understand the different benefits they will feel if they take NutriKane D. They are:


  • Slow release - Because NutriKane D is a complex food, the nutrients are slowly released along the entire digestive tract. This means that NutriKane D feeds the good bacteria throughout the entire gut. Highly processed foods are absorbed very quickly and only feed the bacteria in the beginning of the gut. This leaves half the gut overfed and the other half underfed.


  • True prebiotic - A true prebiotic feeds the good bacteria in the gut, maintains a good balance in intestinal microbial populations, and reduces the inflammatory components. Simple prebiotics, such as fibre supplements and oligosaccharides, only feed one or two types of good bacteria. This could lead to an overpopulation of these types of bacteria. Even if it is considered a “positive” bacteria, an overpopulation in one type of bacteria reduces diversity, which is essential for overall health. NutriKane D is a true prebiotic that feeds a large variety of bacteria in the gut.


  • Contains wide varieties of micronutrients in useable forms - Supplements such as vitamin tablets are not as effective as foods because they supply the body too much of that vitamin, and lack all of the co-factors necessary for the body to utilise them. Even though vitamins are essential for good health, too much sends feedback to the body that can have a negative impact. NutriKane D is a complex food and contains different micronutrients at physiological levels. By having lower levels of different micronutrients, the body is absorbing what it needs in the right amount. The nutrients are also bound to the fibre so they slowly release over time, as the bacteria break the fibre down. There is a different, yet positive, physiological response if released over time.


  • Contains soluble and insoluble fibre, as well as resistant starch - NutriKane D contains a mixture of soluble and insoluble fibre, as well as resistant starch in the ratios that are found in vegetables. Fibre supplements tend to be only one type of fibre and so only provide a part of what your body needs. Insoluble fibre is fibre not used by us or the gut, so there is something to physically pass through the whole length of the gut. The gut is designed to have the top layer scraped off and insoluble fibre is what does this. Highly processed foods do not tend to do this, which has been shown to lead to a higher risk of bowel cancer and other gut related diseases.


  • 5 anti-inflammatory - Inflammation is a localised physical condition that causes pain throughout your body. For example, arthritis pain is inflammation. NutriKane D contains many naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents. Because of the varied nature of the antioxidants in NutriKane D, the anti-inflammatory benefits are 3 fold. Firstly, we directly use the antioxidants to reduce inflammation and damage. Secondly, positive bacteria uses the antioxidants as food and as energy. For many of the benefits, the bacteria need to eat the micronutrients first, and we use what the bacteria make from the antioxidants. Finally, NutriKane D reduces the bacteria that cause inflammation. All three together effectively treat the causes of inflammation. 


NutriKane D is made from high quality natural foods. These foods are selected from suppliers that have minimal processing and use high quality plant sources in order to be more effective. Because foods are variable, wetest each batch to be allergen and chemical free and ensure that NutriKane D contains the essential active ingredients. We pride ourselves on these standards so NutriKane D can be the most effective and the most rewarding product on the market.