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On this week’s episode of the Catalyst on the ABC network, there was an issue presented after a string of recent articles and programs about lifestyle changes that reverse or prevent metabolic disorders such as Type 2 diabetes. In this new program, Dr Joanna McMillan took aim to combat the rise of Type 2 Diabetes in Australia. Over 2 million Australian adults are pre diabetic with most remaining unaware. The episode focused on 4 different Australians of different ethnicities, age, and genders in their journey to better their health and reverse the onset of diabetes with a focus on finding an affordable, diet based solution without the need for drugs.

The knowledge that diet and exercise can combat diabetes is not new. In fact it is well known that the only documented effective treatment is diet and exercise. The problem with shows like Catalyst (and indeed all of the trials done so far) is that they present an ideal world, one where professional help is at your finger tips and willpower is provided by others. In short it is easy to manage diabetes in a controlled environment not so much in the real world.

Although 40% of Australians are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, no two cases are exactly the same. A nutrition plan can be easy for one, but hard for another. This combined with physical limitations and long-term habits severely affect the success of any plan to eliminate the possibility of diabetes. One of the most common criticisms we hear is some variation of “well if you just eat right and exercise then you don’t need any products”. This is both true and flippantly dismissive. No one sets out to eat badly or get a metabolic disease, so obviously “just” is the wrong word.

This is where the emerging field of medical nutrition comes in. It isn’t enough to say “eat better” for several reasons. Firstly, in our modern world it can be very hard to find foods which are not processed to death, and secondly even when they aren’t there is no guarantee that the food has the nutrition you need to help. Medical Nutrition uses the principles of the medical profession as applied to foods. That is to say we design a food to meet specific needs and determine how much you need to eat and when to get results. In effect it is diet control with a capital control.

Over the next few weeks, we will be dissecting the lifestyle changes that are necessary to potentially reverse a pre diabetes and other metabolic disorders before they become a problem, and help manage T2DM if necessary. We will also discuss how, and why Medical Nutrition  products such as  NutriKane D can help kick start a change in habit, by making it easier for people to lose weight and improve gut health. This, in turn, improves the effectiveness of weight loss management, and exercise recovery. By bringing plant-based nutrients back in your diet, managing your blood sugar levels hasn't been easier.

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