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One of the most common questions asked about weight loss is, “Is there anything natural I can take to help me lose weight?” Today we sat down with Dr Malcolm Ball to discuss the basic misconceptions about weight loss, and how NutriKane D can assist with weight loss.

The body goes through cycles of weight gain and weight loss. An important thing to understand is that humans aren’t meant to maintain their weight. Instead, we either go through weight gain or weight loss cycles, sometimes over days, sometimes over months(1). People who effectively lose weight actually bounce up and down with a general loss trend.

Weight loss is a very individual thing. There isn’t a magical diet that works for everyone, and there isn’t a magical pill that works for anyone.  However, no matter who you are, the microbiome in your gut is a major factor that determines your weight. The bacteria in the gut can either make you gain or lose weight, both indirectly by controlling your hunger urges or directly by influencing how you absorb nutrients(2). Even though the trope “energy in energy out” is still used by many groups we have known this isn’t the case for a number of years. If you don’t have bacteria that makes you thin, or allows you to be thin, then you’re stuck in the weight gain cycle. This makes it important to feed the right ‘bugs’ in your gut to help you control your weight cycle.

NutriKane D helps with weight loss in many ways. Firstly, the prebiotic nature of NutriKane D helps by making you feel full. Losing weight is also affected by your inflammation levels(3) and NutriKane D is very effective at reducing systemic inflammation. Fat tissues store the things that the body doesn’t want dissolved in the blood. If you keep putting toxins into your body, more fat will be stored in your fat reserves. NutriKane D reduces this inflammatory state which assists in weight loss.

However, NutriKane D won’t work overnight. NutriKane D only assists in the weight loss process. When you are doing the right thing, in terms of healthy eating and exercise, you will get better results. We suggest taking NutriKane D twice a day. One at night, reducing your calorie intake in the evening while you sleep, and one in the morning, making you feel full, reducing your urges to snack and “cheat.”

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