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What is directed nutrition and how does NutriKane work?

The concepts of “food as medicine” and “lifestyle medicine” are once again starting to achieve the recognition they deserve, not just with the public, but in the medical community as well. Many medical centres now have dieticians on board and metabolic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension have long been understood to require food and exercise changes as a part of their treatment. Directed or medical, nutrition is the logical next step in this pathway. With directed nutrition, it is realised that telling people to simply eat better is not enough, rather we take the huge body of science around...

Fibre Supplements vs. NutriKane D

Blog: Fibre Supplements vs. NutriKane D Some of the most recurring questions we get here at MediKane are “Aren’t fibre supplements bad for you?” and “How is NutriKane D different to a fibre supplement?” That is why we sat down with Dr Malcom Ball, chief technical officer at MediKane to discuss this issue, and present some closure to this topic. In order to understand this debate, we must start with the microbiome. The gut microbiome (or more accurately microbiota) contains trillions of different microbes and includes thousands of species, which interact directly with our gut and can affect different processes...

So is sugar bad for you or not?

The short answer is not if you are sensible, and you are probably better off worrying about what else is in your food. Depending on who you talk to, sugar is either completely safe or the devil, or fine so long as you aren’t diabetic, or suffer gut problems, or any of a myriad of things terrifying or benign. So what’s the real story? Like everything to do with biology, it is a little more complicated than any one-line throwaway can explain. Sugar is essential to almost all life on earth. With very few exceptions glucose is the source of...

Why is gut health important?

Everything that happens in our body starts with our digestion, apart from oxygen and sunlight. After food has started being broken down in the stomach, our intestines continue the process and absorb the nutrients. Our overall wellbeing relies on a healthy gut as without one, you are at risk of having a range of conditions from bowel cancer to indigestion. As it is such a complex field, today we sat down with Dr Malcom Ball to discuss why gut health matters, and also how NutriKane D is formulated to improve on overall gut stability. While it is clear that the...

It’s a bit more complicated than that

There has been a bit of a break from posts as we focused on the new clinical trials and scientific data so I thought this would be a good time to re-name the blog and talk about what, I think at least, are some of the major problems with science today. Recently there has been a large amount of data coming out that makes it very clear that we are going to have to fundamentally re-think the way we look at biology and the aetiology of disease. It is also becoming clear that scientists are unfortunately all too human and...