Gut Health Cleanse

Gut Health Cleanse

Thank you NutriKane. 3 Months ago my visit to the doctor of regular check-up showed blood glucose levels of 13.3!

Being concerned, my doctor increased my Metformin to 500 twice a day 850 once a day (previously I was on 500 three times a day). I also increased my NutriKane dose to 2 sachets per day (previously 1 per day) as advised. At my recent appointment my blood glucose levels were 8.3 and my doctor was happy.

Since starting on NutriKane I have felt less sluggish, have more energy, less bloating after meals and my eyes are not nearly as sore or tired. I would recommend NutriKane to anyone who wants to have that ‘clean out your system’ feeling everyday and I can’t wait to be free of diabetic medication in the near future!

Kerri Shelvin - Forde NSW