How I take NutriKane

How I take NutriKane

I have no observed problems but my daily BGL was consistently above the normal healthy limit although not by as much as many of my diabetic friends. I lost weight and altered my normal diet but as the previous diet was close to the diet recommended by diabetic dieticians, that change was minor. I did reduce the amount of rice and bread that I eat regularly. I reduced the alcohol consumption but that had a zero affect and after 3 months went back to my ‘normal’ of 3 – 5 drinks per day. My BGL stabilised slightly above the normal limit and my HbA1c was within the normal range.

I take NutriKane either:

  • Once or twice daily with some times breaks of 2 -3 days when it’s inconvenient to take it (eg while travelling)
  • In a chocolate drink base a very good friend of mine provided
  • Mixed with low fat milk on cereal
  • Mixed with Oats (porridge) for breakfast
  • Incorporate in a banana or choc ‘Smoothie’ (my weapon of choice)
  • Two heaped dessert spoons in a glass of water (while travelling)

Initial benefits were marginal as I was close to in control anyway but over time I began to take medication to assist my BGL control, and the addition of NutriKane has reduced that to between 30 and 50% of the medication dose recommended by my Endocrinologist. His comment was: “This amount of medication shouldn’t do anything for you BUT whatever you are doing is working so keep doing it”

Even if I wasn’t involved with MediKane I most certainly would. There is no doubt it helps significantly. My motivation is not to help control BGL as much as it is to reduce reliance on medications with their associated risks. During this trip I have found several people with diabetic children, mostly Type I and have given them samples, instructions and encouragement to use and report the outcomes.

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