Reduced Insulin Dosage

Reduced Insulin Dosage
I was diagnosed with diabetes 30 years ago. Initially I was able to control my BGL readings with diet and exercise, then added oral medication before going on to insulin and have now been on insulin for 20 years.

Over the years my dosages have steadily increased from 8 – 12 units twice daily to 30 – 40 units NovoRapid three times daily plus 68 units Lantus before bed. I was having frequent hypos – five or six a week.

I started using Nutrikane 2 years ago and have found I have been able to reduce my insulin dosages. I now take 28 – 32 units NovoRapid three times daily and 58 units Lantus before bed. My BGL readings have been easier to control with hypos occurring only once or twice a month.

My endocrinologist has been impressed with the improvement in my Hb1AC results since I have been taking Nutrikane.

Ken Johnston - Wyong NSW