NutriKane D™ – 6 Pack
NutriKane D™ – 6 Pack NutriKane D™ – 6 Pack

NutriKane D™ – 6 Pack

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Save 8% with a 6 Pack (168 serves) 12 weeks supply

Includes a natural source of the essential micro-nutrient; bio-available chromium – which has been shown in independent scientific trials to contribute to the maintenance of blood sugar levels.

STABILISES BSL (BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS) – Over twice the reduction in BSLs when NutriKane D was used in clinical trials, compared to diet and exercise alone.

ASSISTS IN WEIGHT REDUCTION – BMI (Body Mass Index) reduction by 1.1 in clinical trails, compared to 0.1 for diet and exercise alone.

IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE – NutriKane D not only improved results compared to diet and exercise, but in clinical trials greatly improved Quality of Life compared to the control group.

NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS – NutriKane D contains no artificial flavours or colours. It’s locally grown and produced with a small ecological footprint.