MediKane is dedicated to establishing proven benefits to the health of individuals living with a number of metabolic conditions. Trials have indicated positive outcomes in a number of health areas, however to fully understand the extent of the benefits, further targeted large scale clinical trials are the desired goal.

  • Two clinical trials on intestinal & digestive health were completed at Royal Melbourne Hospital.
    1. Trial 1 – 85% indicated that bowel function had improved or been stable with NutriKane usage (summary & published article available)
    2. Trial 2 – Randomised controlled trial with significantly improved bowel function and 55% of participants continuing use post trial (summary & published article available)
  • An acute study (performed independently by The University of Sydney) showed a statistically significant reduction in Glycaemic Index (GI) of a meal when one dose (serve) of NutriKane™ was taken with the meal. The amount added to the meal was significantly less than the amount that would be required from fibre alone
  • Prebiotic effect – Macquarie University researchers have shown that short-chain fatty acids (the end product of dietary fibre fermentation; shown to exert multiple beneficial effects such as blood glucose maintenance, and insulin sensitivity), are produced by incubation of a human faecal slurry in a gut-mimicking digestive system. The addition of NutriKane™ significantly increased the production of short-chain fatty acids which correlated well with the increased abundance of fibre digesting microorganisms in response to the addition of NutriKane™
  • Macquarie University researchers have shown that faecal gut bacteria are able to utilise and consume the antioxidants naturally present in the whole plant ingredients of NutriKane D. Antioxidants have been shown to have dramatic positive effects on the growth of advantageous gut bacteria.
  • Animal model studies performed on mice show an improvement in gut health, specifically an increase in the density, depth and health of the lining epithelial cells, and improvement in overall body weight when diet is supplemented with sugarcane fibre (scientifically significant)
  • In-house studies have shown Blood Glucose Level (BGL) maintenance effects of NutriKane™ when taken with a variety of foods both solid and liquid. In most cases the reduction in GI was greater than 20 points (Scale is 0 – 100), which was sufficient to convert a number of high and medium GI foods to low. This reduction is observed when NutriKane™ is incorporated with the food or simply taken with water at the same time as the meal
  • Individuals using diet control have observed that blood glucose levels stabilised in the optimal target range when product was taken with meals
  • A person living with Type 2 diabetes was struggling to get BGLs below 18 for a number of years, reduced levels to around 6-8 when taking a dose (serve) of NutriKane™ twice a day after a three week period of use. Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) was reduced from 8.4 to 6.5 (BGL under target) after two months of regular NutriKane™ use (diet and exercise regime was controlled, resulting in scientifically valid data). This individual continues to improve overall health and management of blood glucose levels both subjectively and objectively and the attending physician is in agreement that NutriKane™ is responsible. The subject has been using NutriKane™ for over 24 months with continued increase in efficacy, rather than the decrease in efficacy observed with many medications
  • Multiple people living with Type 2 diabetes with diet control have reported greater ease in handling BGLs with the addition of NutriKane™ (2 doses per day)