New South Wales- November 2017

Hattie Boydle

Melbourne - August 2016

"I was introduced to NutriKane approximately 2+ years ago as a potential aid to assist my Type 2 Diabetes diet and I have been consuming the product twice daily since. I believe the product is successfully assisting with my situation. My HbA1C has been stable in the region of 6.5 for the last two years. In addition, I find that NutriKane assists with providing regular toilet habits for which I have had issues in the past."

Neil Hand

Queensland - August 2016

"NutriKane D has been excellent for me in lowering my blood glucose levels; the moment I don't take it my blood glucose levels go up, so for me has been excellent."

Robert Sterling

Victoria- August 2016

"It has helped my glucose and my weight has dropped slightly. I also seem to have more energy."

Janet McKeever

ACT- August 2016

"Several years ago I was diagnosed by my GP as pre-diabetic and sometime last year I saw a TV new article interviewing someone who claimed his blood sugar levels had lowered to an acceptable level after taking NutriKane D. I decided to try it and have been taking one sachet a day with my breakfast for the past year. My blood sugar levels have remained constant despite very little change in my diet. I am on no other medication for this issue but I do drink blueberry tea, also reported in a news article to possibly help control blood sugar. I am 70 years of age, weight approximately 90kgs, moderately fit and still work part time."

John Wombey

August 2016

"Within the first two weeks of taking NutriKane D I noticed a marked improvement in my energy levels, quality of sleep and mental clarity. I had stopped taking my diabetic medication because of all the side effects and had been experiencing a lot of abdominal discomfort, as part of the side effects, and I noticed this settled very quickly once I started taking NutriKane. My blood glucose dropped 2 points in a week, and I have also been dropping weight, since commencing it. My Doctor is happy for me to be taking it."

Louise Laffey

NSW- August 2016

"IWe have just come back from 2 weeks away in central Australia where we were traveling most days and I found it difficult to maintain the routine. I took my insulin 3 times a day with meals but did not take my NutriKane D on a regular basis and my blood sugar levels were all over the place. Once I returned to taking the NutriKane D twice a day my blood sugar levels became more stable with no high peaks."

Lynette Stonebridge

August 2016

"I am writing to tell you what a wonderful product you have in NutriKane D.

For years ago I suffered major heart problems and was in intensive care for over a month. My heart valves were replaced and a pacemaker insterted.

Needless to say, since then, my specialists at Royal North Shore Hospital have been regularly monitoring my overall health including blood pressure & blood sugar levels, etc, and I'm delighted to tell you that at my recent examination, I was given a clean bill of health. I now need no drugs and can lead a very normal life.

The reason for letting you know all this is that at the beginning of my recovery, the specialists stressed how important overall gut health was for my recovery, Good gut health would have a positive knock on effect in areas including the blood. One of the specialists was aware of a clinical study with NutriKane D, and he thought it would be a good opportunity to try it out on me. With no other change to my diet, my blood sugar evel dropped from a historical 6.3 to 4.8, and there is every expectation this trend will continue downward. Given the importance of reducing blood sugar to my recovery, everyone was delighted with the result, and clearly it is a result of using your product, NutriKane D.

Thank you for bringing such a life giving product to market."

Robert Wilson

Sydney- August 2016

"I am writing to you to testify to the effectiveness of your NutriKane D product. Now 65, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes over 10 years ago and have been following a regular exercise programme and diet to control my blood glucose, while maintaining a daily record of blood glucose (fasting morning and pre-dinner), exercise, diet and alcohol intake. I have no other diabetic disease symptoms and I intend to continue controlling my diabetes with diet and exercise as long as possible, without any drug. In the past few years, my long term HBA1c, checked by my GP every 6 months, has been creeping up from around 7.0 ng/ml up to 7.6 ng/ml in late 2015.

In January 2016 I started taking 2 doses of NutriKane D at breakfast, while continuing my usual diet and exercise routine. In June 2016, my long-term glucose HBA1c had dropped to 6.9 ng/ml. I clearly attribute this excellent result to the NutriKane D.

I would have no hesitation in recommending NutriKane D. I wish you and your company all the best in the future."

Dr Hubert G.F. Mazure, PhD (Bacteriology)

Sydney- November 2014
Simon de Crespigny

Sydney – October 2015

“I was taking NutriKane D twice a day prior to an accident that caused a serious infection – Necrotising Fasciitis. It was the fact that I was fit and healthy that I survived at all. As soon as I was off life-support, I got back onto ND as I knew that with all the antibiotics I was on, and after numerous operations (2 months in hospital), that I needed all the gut health support and I could get!

ND is a very good pro-biotic and the nurses were amazed at how I managed to stay perfectly regular after all my anaesthetics and medications.

I believe it also helped get my appetite back and improve my recovery time enormously.”


China – November 2014

Mr David Bi

Melbourne – November 2014

“I have suffered from severe reflux for over 15 years. I have seen several specialists who without surgery were unable to successfully treat my Problem.

Within a day of taking NutriKane I felt an improvement. It was easy to add to my regular diet and is natural. As the cliché goes it has changed my quality of life for the better.”

Nick Latter

NSW – November 2014

“As per enclosed results, 1st time HbA1c % below 7%”

Craig H

Forde NSW – November 2014

Thank you NutriKane. 3 Months ago my visit to the doctor of regular check-up showed blood glucose levels of 13.3! Being concerned, my doctor increased my Metformin to 500 twice a day 850 once a day (previously I was on 500 three times a day). I also increased my NutriKane dose to 2 sachets per day (previously 1 per day) as advised. At my recent appointment my blood glucose levels were 8.3 and my doctor was happy.

Since starting on NutriKane I have felt less sluggish, have more energy, less bloating after meals and my eyes are not nearly as sore or tired. I would recommend NutriKane to anyone who wants to have that ‘clean out your system’ feeling everyday and I can’t wait to be free of diabetic medication in the near future!

Kerri Shelvin

Sydney NSW – October 2014
Robbie Clark, Clinical Dietitian at Elevate Australasia, Sydney.

Sydney NSW – October 2014

The Elevate Health clinic has an interest in natural therapies and included a client on a trial.

“As a T2DM (Type 2 Diabetic) client, he has responded astonishingly well to both insulin treatment, exercise, nutrition and NutriKane prescription. He has been off insulin for the past 6 weeks whilst being on NutriKane and has regulated his blood glucose levels well. I have never had a client so dedicated to treatment and responded so well. Even his endocrinologist is amazed at his improvement”.

Robbie Clark, Clinical Dietitian at Elevate Australasia, Sydney.

Sydney NSW – October 2014
Bruce Pollack

Sydney NSW – October 2014
  1. This Participant had reflux for many years and the only functional treatment was daily dosage of Nexium 40mg. The medication largely addressed the symptoms, however an unwanted side effect was nausea, especially when there were interruptions to the routine. The participant was not comfortable taking the pharmaceutical medication long term, but had found no other treatment to be successful.
  2. Participant Comment
    • “I have concluded on my personal use that I can take NutriKane everyday instead of Nexium and I don’t get the sick feeling when I stop taking or miss a dose of Nexium. However if I am planning on drinking which usually results in a very bad reflux event I will take Nexium, but more as a preventative step just on the day of, instead of daily. I believe this is much better than taking Nexium every day when NutriKane manages my symptoms on a daily basis.”
Amanda S.

Wyong NSW – July 2014

I was diagnosed with diabetes 30 years ago. Initially I was able to control my BGL readings with diet and exercise, then added oral medication before going on to insulin and have now been on insulin for 20 years.

Over the years my dosages have steadily increased from 8 – 12 units twice daily to 30 – 40 units novorapid three times daily plus 68 units Lantus before bed. I was having frequent hypos – five or six a week.

I started using Nutrikane 2 years ago and have found I have been able to reduce my insulin dosages. I now take 28 – 32 units novorapid three times daily and 58 units Lantus before bed. My BGL readings have been easier to control with hypos occurring only once or twice a month.

My endocrinologist has been impressed with the improvement in my hb1ac results since I have been taking Nutrikane.

Ken Johnston

Sydney NSW – July 2014
  1. This participant has experience severe reflux since suffering childhood leukaemia prior to puberty. The chemotherapy and extreme treatments that ultimately saved his life left him with significant hormonal imbalances and gastrointestinal abnormalities most represented as acid reflux. The extent of the reflux was described as a constant acid taste/sensation with severe periods of reflux events. The participant had found minimal amelioration of the symptoms with daily dosage of Nexium 40mg, however the constant acid taste and sensation in his throat / oral cavity was not resolved. It was a situation he had lived with for over a decade while seeing multiple GP’s, Gastroenterologists, endured 4 endoscopies without relating a cause to a resolution or improved treatment.
  2. Trial researcher comment –KT “I received a phone call from this participant 2 days after he began the trial with unrestrained excitement that he no longer had the acid taste or sensation in his throat. He stated he’s never had 2 days of reflux relief that he could even remember. He was beyond pleased at 48 hrs and upon review of the trial booklet at 9 weeks, the daily NutriKane dose had addressed the symptoms to his satisfaction and left him with no reflux events for many weeks. He has begun a weening phase of his Nexium and continues to take NutriKane each day. “
  3. Participant Comment
    • “I have suffered reflux for over 15 years with every avenue explored, even surgery. NutriKane made a difference from day 2 and vastly improved my quality of life. I no longer have reflux and now need to ween off my medication.”
  4. Control week & Week 9 scans are attached for comparison of reflux events. Note the improvement of general wellbeing from 2-3 out of 5 to a constant 5/5 at week 9.
Nick L.

Harvey Bay NSW – July 2014

Before I retired I was diagnosed with Diabetes but was not put on any medication as it was felt that diet and exercise would be the way to go then I was introduced to Nutrikane and since taking the product once a day my figures have improved slightly and do not appear to be getting worse. I mix the powder with milk in a shaker and add it to my cereal. It does not seem to have helped my diverticulosis but then as I said I only take it once a day. My last blood test revealed an improvement. On the strength of that I would certainly recommend Nutrikane to others.

Michael Harvey

Castle Cove NSW – June 2014
  1. No observed problems but my daily BGL was consistently above the normal healthy limit although not by as much as many of my diabetic friends. I lost weight and altered my normal diet but as the previous diet was close to the diet recommended by diabetic dieticians, that change was minor. I did reduce the amount of rice and bread that I eat regularly. I reduced the alcohol consumption but that had a zero affect and after 3 months went back to my ‘normal’ of 3 – 5 drinks per day. My BGL stabilised slightly above the normal limit and my HbA1c was within the normal range.
  2. I take NutriKane either:
    • Once or twice daily with some times breaks of 2 -3 days when it’s inconvenient to take it (eg while travelling)
    • n a chocolate drink base a very good friend of mine provided
    • Mixed with low fat milk on cereal
    • Mixed with Oats (porridge) for breakfast
    • Incorporate in a banana or choc ‘Smoothie’ (my weapon of choice)
    • Two heaped dessert spoons in a glass of water (while travelling)
  3. Initial benefits were marginal as I was close to in control anyway but over time I began to take medication to assist my BGL control, and the addition of NutriKane has reduced that to between 30 and 50% of the medication dose recommended by my Endocrinologist. His comment was: “This amount of medication shouldn’t do anything for you BUT whatever you are doing is working so keep doing it”
  4. Even if I wasn’t involved with MediKane I most certainly would. There is no doubt it helps significantly. My motivation is not to help control BGL as much as it is to reduce reliance on medications with their associated risks. During this trip I have found several people with diabetic children, mostly Type I and have given them samples, instructions and encouragement to use and report the outcomes.
Name withheld by request

Ryde NSW – June 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to provide some feedback on NutriKane. I will admit I was sceptical as to the claims on the packet. I have been struggling with my Cholesterol levels and in 2009 I suffered 2 mild Heart attacks. This resulted in me having to have a Stent inserted.

I have since then had needed to take Cholesterol lowering medication. This was not only expensive $32 per month, but really did I want to have to spend the rest of my life popping pills.

I started on NutriKane, five weeks ago and to my surprise at my last check-up my Doctor said my Cholesterol had dropped to below 3.5. This is the best it has ever been.

As a bonus I have also noticed a major improvement in my overall wellbeing. I have become regular with my bowl movements and my appetite has changed. I am eating less in fact a lot less. I have lost over 3 kilos since starting NutriKane and have more energy.

Michael McLinden

Sydney NSW – May 2014

I started suffering symptoms for reflux in my late twenties. Over the next couple of years, it bloomed from a minor irritation into a reasonably serious and alarmingly regular problem. I had a blood test for GORD which was thankfully negative, but reflux was constantly there nonetheless.

Along with some lifestyle changes, I was prescribed Nexium more than once, and although the drug helped ease the symptoms, it also tended to leave me light-headed at times and occasionally with a headache which I otherwise do not tend to suffer from.
Not being a fan of pharmaceuticals at the best of times, once it was available, I started to take NutriKane as a general supplement to my diet. To my relief, I found that after almost a week of taking this product regularly, my symptoms not only eased to the point where I forgot that I even had reflux, but I no longer had to deal with temporary flare ups of acid when I had a glass of red wine, or a bowl of curry. My gut felt better than it had in years as well. The regular pain and distress was replaced by the ability to enjoy life the way I wanted to. Just as importantly, NutriKane didn’t cause me any side effects.

Simply put, I would recommend this product to anyone. In fact, I do just that.

Participant # MKNK14020025

Goulburn NSW – December 2013

I thought I would write a few words to let you know my thoughts on using NutriKane. Apart from increasing my feeling of well-being, the other benefits have been a greatly reduced occurrence and severity of gastric reflux, almost to the point of eliminating the problem all together, as well as an increase in regularity of bowel movements. As a diabetic, I can’t attest to the effectiveness of NutriKane on reducing blood sugar levels because I have not done a before-and-after test, but my feeling is that it has been effective in this area as well.

Lindsay Sergeant