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We discovered that certain natural food ingredients had benefits for chronic health conditions. After confirming our discovery scientifically, and believing we had a business, MediKane was formed. We then set about to see how and why this worked so we could bring products to market.

 Our Vision is to effectively empower people to improve their health and well-being with safe, natural "food as medicine" products.

Unlike many supplement companies that rely on old data to make claims, MediKane has sourced high-quality foods from trusted sources, analysed their nutritional and medical value, then formulated them into a therapy and specifically tested the product in exactly the same way a pharmaceutical company would develop a new drug.

In the last 8 years we have partnered with 3 of Australia’s most prestigious universities and run clinical trials with a major teaching hospital that proves the effectiveness of NutriKane in treating intestinal disorders and improving blood sugar management.

Even more important our products have been exclusively tested “in the field” by health care professionals who have found that adding NutriKane to a patient's normal lifestyle results in a better quality of life.

MediKane takes a farmerceutical approach in the way we blend nature and science creating a real food, with a controlled dosage to obtain real results (scientifically proven) for our customers

Nature + Science= Health

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