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NutriKane R

For Optimal Regularity


Per tub (1 month supply).

NutriKane D

To Lower & Control Blood Sugar Levels


Per tub (2 weeks supply).

NutriKane I

For Inflammation & Immunity


Per tub (1 month supply).


NutriKane J

For Joint Health


Per tub (1 month supply).

Not sure which NutriKane product is right for you?

Compare the benefits of our Farmerceutical product range.

NutriKane Serving Size and Value
vs Many Supplements

NutriKane Logo
Both taken orally


Designed to be digested & absorbed normally
Designed to bypass the normal digestion process
Serve size medically designed* to work as required
*Other Nutrition powders often do NOT reflect correct serving sizes
Serve size based on Recommended Daily Intake
and cost effectiveness
Safe as any other healthy foods
Potential interactions

Over 1,000 nutritional components with 100’s identified to date

Max of 50-80 components only
Approx cost $3 / day
Approx cost 55c / day
Food nutrition value^
≥ $5
Food nutrition value^ $0.04c

≥80% success rate

Mixed results

^Food Nutrition Value = the food components purchased at supermarket

NutriKane Serving Size and Value vs Supplements
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