NutriKane D

What is NutriKane D?

NutriKane D is a safe, natural, concentrated functional food provided in an easy to use scoop dose. It contains all of the types of dietary fibre (not just simple soluble fibres), resistant starch, and a wide range of essential micronutrients that have been shown to nourish the gut microbiome, reduce systemic inflammation and ultimately help control blood sugar levels.

How does it work?

NutriKane D works by directly supplying the gut with essential (and often lacking) nutrition as well as feeding the positive bacteria in the gut.

Active Prebiotic

Proven prebiotic effect to assist with optimal digestion. Feeds the good bacteria in the gut which then reduces the inflammatory “bad” bacteria. Unlike many simple fibre supplements NutriKane D has been shown to maintain the diversity of the microbiome – something known to be essential to good intestinal health.

Complex Micronutrients


A unique blend of highly nutritious foods provides many essential elements that are known to be missing in processed foods. By providing these nutrients in forms that the body can absorb (unlike many simple vitamin supplements) the body can replenish the necessary building blocks for the biochemical pathways that effectively control blood sugar levels.

Soluble & Insoluble Fibre

Balanced to exercise your total gut. This mix results in a physical interaction with the intestinal lining that is essential for good gut health.

Lowers BSLs

Lowers blood sugar levels after meals. Proven to lower the glycaemic index (G.I.) of foods when consumed with a meal, as well as improving nutritional outcomes which results in controlling blood sugar levels.

 It is normal for blood sugar (glucose) to continually rise and fall throughout each day for our whole lives.

After eating and during exercise (as the body converts fat to energy for the cells to use) the BSL will rise and (depending on fitness) will drop back to normal levels as we recover. This is normal although some people experience abnormal highs and lows. Many people lack some of the micronutrients that the body requires to regulate this process due to poor diet (even when they are trying to do the right thing, the way our foods are processed and stored results in the loss of many of these elements).

NutriKane D has the ability to reduce the 'highs’ and raise the ‘lows’ for people that can benefit from supplementing these dietary components. NutriKane has been shown to also reduce both the instantaneous BSL levels (measured by sampling a drop of blood at a finger) and also the long term ‘average’ BSL as shown by measuring the amount of glucose that is chemically bonded to Haemoglobin molecules in our bloodstreams – this universal measure is called the HbA1c and is typically taken every 3 months for those who need to continually measure their BSL.


How do I take NutriKane D?
Pour scoop contents into a glass and add approximately 250ml of water, stir thoroughly and drink just before or during a meal. Add additional water to reduce the natural sweetness if required. Alternatively, NutriKane D can be stirred into juice, yoghurt or smoothies.

The recommended dose is:

  • Adults: Take one scoop twice a day before or during your morning and evening meals.
  • Children 5-11 years: Take one scoop once a day before or during a meal.
  • Children under 5: Not recommended for children under 5.

First-time Users

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