NutriKane D - Lowers blood sugar levels after meals






NutriKane D is a safe, natural concentrated food provided in an easy to use sachet dose. It contains dietary fibres and micronutrients that have been shown to aid the maintenance of the microbiome as well as lowering blood sugar levels.

NutriKane D has natural, pale straw colour, with consistency similar to that of flour. NutriKane D is available in retail carton of 28 sachets. Each carton is a 2 week supply at recommended doses.

All NutriKane products are hypoallergenic, gluten free, cholesterol free, dairy free, nut free and non-GMO.

NutriKane D™ each box contains 28 sachets, 2 weeks supply (2 doses per day).




NutriKane D can be mixed with water, orange juice or even yoghurt.
Being a real functional food in a convenient sachet, taken as a drink, it retains a chalky texture that you may need to get used to, but stay with it and you will reap the rewards.